Case Studies

SOC Informatique: A Case Study in Digital Ecosystem Efficiency

Clarus: Streamlining Mortuary Operations and Financial Management

Clarus is an online application designed for morticians. Clarus supports integration with the city software for civil affairs and crematory software. Clarus has been set up as a collaboration between three parties. Starfisk, Pontes and Cipal-Schaubroeck. In terms of revenue, these three parties agreed upon a split. Each party gets one-third of the revenues generated by the Clarus project.

Athumi: Automated Income Collection and Distribution

Athumi, manager of the Real Estate Information Platform (VIP), sought a solution for income collection and distribution amongst partners. They embarked on a successful proof of concept experiment with Enhansa’s ClearingHouse-as-a-Service (CHaaS) product APls.