Clarus is an online application designed for morticians. The Clarus platform supports integration with the city software for civil affairs as well as with crematory software.
Morticians can use Clarus to register a deceased person with the city administration and receive official documents, like a death certificate or burial permit from the local government/city back in Clarus. But the mortician can also use Clarus to make a reservation at the crematory.
Morticians need to register before using Clarus and usage is metered:
For each death record, the mortician pays a 20,00 € fee (VAT not included).
Clarus is a collaboration between three parties. Starfisk, Pontes and Cipal-Schaubroeck. In terms of revenue, these three parties agreed upon a split. Each party gets a share of the revenues generated by Clarus.

Why Clarus chose Enhansa?

Enhansa offers various solutions for Clarus:

  1. Workspace and permission management: Enhansa provides a Workspace system that is easy in use but has a lot of possibilities. The Workspace is a digital “vault” of the customers organisation. It holds users, permissions, transactions and so much more!

    In the Workspace, the mortician can invite his/her employees as needed and give them permission to use Clarus.
  2. Transactions & Wallet: Enhansa keeps all the transaction information in a Wallet. Every Wallet is connected to a unique Workspace.

    This means that the mortician has a Wallet in his Workspace, where every transaction is held. So, every time a mortician pays the 20,00 € fee for a death declaration, there is a line created in the Wallet. For every transaction, you can see the user, time, status, …
  3. Billing & invoicing: Enhansa has an extensive billing system connected to the Wallet. Invoices are automatically created for every transaction and can be downloaded by the user/mortician.

    The mortician can update his/her books regularly, everything is automated and there is no need to put work into the billing & invoicing.
  4. Revenue sharing: Revenue sharing is an important feature of Enhansa. It allows multiple parties to share a piece of the cake.

    At the end of each month, the revenue for Clarus is calculated automatically. This revenue is split over the three parties (Starfisk, Pontes and Cipal-Schaubroeck). Each share of the revenue is placed on their own Wallet and on request, the Wallet gets paid out to their own bank account.

    The revenue sharing is automated. This means that no manual calculations or divides need to be made and the parties who designed Clarus, each get their piece automatically.

Company information:
Clarus is a project of Cipal Schaubroeck, Starfisk and Pontes.