Advanced Imbalance Management in Electricity Transmission

Energy Transmission and Distribution


Optimising Imbalance Settlements for Transmission System Operators (TSOs)


Demonstrating Enhansa’s advanced capabilities in managing and settling grid imbalances for TSOs, with a specific focus on Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs)

Problem context

Transmission System Operators face complexities in real-time balancing of the electricity grid, especially with the involvement of multiple Balance Responsible Parties (BRPs)

Pain points

Difficulty in continuous tracking and calculation of imbalance positions for numerous BRPs.
Challenges in differentiating frequent small-scale transaction settlements from larger, periodic settlements.
Compliance with regulatory frameworks like ENTSO-E and adherence to specific market rules for imbalance pricing.

Implementation of a sophisticated real-time imbalance management and settlement system

Real-time monitoring and adjustment of grid imbalances involving BRPs

Distinct handling of frequent micro-transactions and larger periodic settlements

Automated calculations in line with ENTSO-E guidelines and local grid codes

Enhansa’s Innovative Approach in Energy Management

Approach and Implementation

Technology utilised

Enhansa components:

PLIE. Policy and Logic Interpretation Engine, consisting of EYE Reasoner and Notation3 (N3)

CSE. Clearing and Settlement Engine

Hypothetical strategy

Seamless integration with TSO’s energy management systems and BRP interfaces

Custom N3 rules to handle both micro-transaction settlements and periodic aggregate settlements

Example of N3 Logic Code

Rule for Micro-Transaction Settlements

@prefix grid: <> .

@prefix brp: <> .


    ?transaction a grid:MicroImbalanceTransaction;

                 grid:timestamp ?time;

                 grid:brp ?brp;

                 grid:imbalanceVolume ?volume.

    grid:smallTransactionThreshold ?threshold.

    FILTER (?volume < ?threshold)

} => {

    ?brp brp:recordMicroTransaction ?transaction.


Rule for Periodic Aggregate Settlements


    ?brp a brp:BalanceResponsibleParty;

        brp:aggregateImbalanceVolume ?totalVolume;

        brp:settlementPeriod ?period.

    FILTER (?period = "Monthly")

} => {

    ?brp brp:issueAggregateSettlementInvoice ?totalVolume.


Practical Example


An imbalance transaction of 2 MWh by BRP at a specific timestamp

The transaction is recorded under micro-transactions for the respective BRP

Aggregate Settlement

Total monthly imbalance volume for a BRP

Issue a monthly aggregate settlement invoice for the total imbalance volume

Enhansa’s Impact on Energy Grid Management

  • Precise real-time imbalance management with immediate micro-transaction settlements
  • Efficient handling of monthly aggregate settlements, improving financial operations for BRPs
  • Full compliance with ENTSO-E standards and local regulatory requirements
  • 99% accuracy in real-time imbalance position calculations
  • Significant reduction in administrative overhead for monthly settlements
  • Enhanced BRP satisfaction due to transparent and efficient settlement processes