SOC Informatique


SOC Informatique is a software editor in the construction market. Its flagship product suite ‘EcoBIM’ is designed for architects and engineering professionals.
The software allows users to create project files for a construction from as small as one house to a whole building site with multiple complexes.
For example, when designing a kitchen, the architect can choose “marble tiles type B” from a specific catalogue. Based on the dimensions of the kitchen floor that the architect has put in his
project, the software calculates exactly how many “marble tiles type B” are needed and what the total (material) cost is for the kitchen floor.
Architects register for the EcoBIM software and can choose either a free plan with limited options or a premium subscription with advanced features.
Partners of SOC Informatique can provide construction libraries (free or for a small fee) with specifications that are to be used in project files for construction projects. The EcoBIM estimation software offering allows architects to calculate how much of each material is needed and what the associated cost will be.
Even the users themselves can offer their own libraries.

Why SOC Informatique chose Enhansa?

  1. Workspace & Permission management: Enhansa provides a Workspace system that is easy in use but has a lot of possibilities. The Workspace is a digital “vault” of your customers organisation. It holds users, permissions, transactions and so much more!

    In the Workspace, the architect can invite his/her employees as needed and give them permission to use SOC Informatique.
  2. Subscription plans: Enhansa allows you as a software provider to set different plans. There are free or paid subscription plans for your users. Within the paid plans, a lot of options are available, such as: extra features, yearly/monthly payments, more users, …

    SOC Informatique offers a free plan and different pre-paid plans. This means that at the beginning of the month/year, the architect must pay to use the application.
  3. Upgrades & automation: Upgrades for more advanced plans are available. When a user wants to change his/her plan to a more advanced subscription, Enhansa automatically calculates the surplus.
  4. Transactions & Wallet: Enhansa keeps all the transaction information in a Wallet. Every Wallet is connected to a unique Workspace.

    This means that the architect has a Workspace Wallet, where every transaction is held. So, every time the architect pays for his subscription plan, upgrades, or buys a new library, there is a line created in the Wallet. For every transaction, you can see the user, time, status, …
  5. Billing & invoicing: Enhansa has an extensive billing system connected to the Wallet. Invoice are automatically created for every transaction and can be downloaded by the user/mortician.

    The architect can update his/her books regularly. Everything is automated. No need to put work into the billing & invoicing.
  6. Reselling of Libraries: Enhansa offers a unique system to resell and distribute revenue through one system.

    Partners of SOC Informatique can create and sell their library in the SOC Informatique software. These are libraries with materials and prices.

    Every time an architect buys a specific library, we call this “reselling,” because it is the partners’ library that is re-sold by SOC Informatique.

    The revenue is automatically distributed between SOC Informatique and the partners. For example, 90% of the revenue is for the partners, and 10% goes to SOC Informatique. (See point seven, revenue sharing)

    There is no limit to how many partners can add their libraries or how many times a library can be sold.

    The bookkeeping is done through the Wallets of the architect, SOC Informatique and the partner. Everything is automated to provide a lot of work efficiency.
  7. Revenue sharing: Revenue sharing is an important feature of Enhansa. It allows multiple parties to share a piece of the cake.

    At the end of each month, the revenue for SOC Informatique and the partners with libraries is calculated automatically.

    This revenue is automatically split. Each share of the revenue is placed on the partners own Wallet and on request, the Wallet gets paid out to their bank account.

    The revenue sharing is automated. This means that no manual calculations or divides need to be made and the parties get their piece automatically
  8. Reselling of Applications

    Enhansa operates cross-domain and SOC resellers can use their own user bases to create additional selling opportunities for SOC and increase their revenue margin per customer.
  9. Application Reselling revenue split

    Building a reseller ecosystem represents an interesting go-to-market strategy for SOC.